Bomb 1

The Level's Title Card

Bombopolis is the first world or stage in Wild 9. Bombopolis Appears to be a flying fortress hovering over what appears to be a wasteland.


Wex must travel through the Fotress to rescue the brawn's of the of the Wild 9 team Volstagg. Volstagg helps Wex to push over a gun ship off the fortress so Wex can get to his Jetbike.

Level DescriptionEdit

Bombopolis has grinnders scartterd through out the stage
Bomb 2

In-game appearance of the level

where the player can pick up enemies to chop them up and killing them. A couple times you have to destroy a grinder blocking your path where you have you have to trap three Shocktroopers to destroy the grinder and proceed through the level. Also one part of the level there are three propellers blocking the player's way it acts the same as the grinder does trap three Shocktroopers and the propellers will be destroyed and the player can proceed.